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I am an hybrid software engineer, with deep knowledge of Java platform and tooling, and Linux system administration. Particularly interested in SOAs, EIPs, continuous integration & delivery and service orchestration.

Guido Grazioli


Guido Grazioli
38 years
Point Cook, Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Profound knowledge of object oriented programming in Java, and JPA, JAX-RS/WS, JAXB, JMS, Spring; experience within agile and enterprise environments, setting up technologies for code quality assistance (gerrit, sonar, jenkins, mylyn) and automation infrastructure (maven, nexus, rundeck, chef and, well of course, bash scripting).


“We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil. Yet we should not pass up our opportunities in that critical 3%.”
- Donald Knuth, Structured Programming With Go To Statements


Università di Bologna

Sept 1995 - Apr 2001

MSCs - Computer Science (Specialization: Software Engineering) Quality education about the importance of standards, software design, team building and developer phylosophy. Bologna, Italy

Liceo Scientifico G.R.Curbastro

Sept 1995 - Jul 2000

Highschool - Math & Computer Science Highschool where I graduated, enjoying science, math, and biology. During the second year I discovered my passion for Computer Science, using Pascal and Visual Basic. Looking at my current skill, sounds hilarious... or not? Lugo di Romagna


The University of Melbourne - Melbourne eResearch Group

Mar 2013 - current

Build Engineer The AURIN (Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network) project is an initiative funded by the Australian Government’s Super Science scheme. AURIN will provide built environment and urban researchers, designers and planners with infrastructure to facilitate access to a distributed network of aggregated datasets and information services. My role in the project was implementing the continuous integration, and then the continuous delivery system, using a stack composed of jenkins, nexus, rundeck and chef, for the deployment of the three environments (development, staging and production) on a xen server virtualization allocation and on an openstack/ec2 cloud platform. I have also managed the development workflow introducing peer-reviews with gerrit and static code analysis with sonar, along with the development and execution of automated integration and functional tests triggered on commit. The endoVL (Endocrine Virtual Laboratory) project is a national initiative to establish a range of clinical registries supporting genetically focused clinical trials and studies targeted to the needs of the endocrine research communities, networks and societies across Australia. My role was setting up the development workflow and the continuous integration environment, and maintaining a Java subproject writing several enhancements including integration with LOVD, VFC formats and the UCSC genome browser. Melbourne, VIC, Australia |

Fedora Project

Sep 2007 - Aug 2014

Contributor Because open source matters. Contributing as package maintainer and translator. Participation in the Fedora Project as a volunteer may not be worth enough to be part of some people's resume. I like to list it first. I used Linux for work since '98, and I felt I could help the project, keeping in order and sorting issues out in a number of sub-projects in which I am experienced, all while contributing back to the community. My primary involvement is about maintaining packages related to Java/maven, but i also developed a user-space driver for a finger-print reader, in C language, and helped keeping up the good quality of Italian translation by writing and reviewing other contributors' work. Nowhere and everywhere

Inspired Group Australia

Oct 2012 - Mar 2013

Software Engineer ProHand Benchmark is a standalone cross-platform application built on Eclipse RCP technology, featuring an embedded sqlite database used through hibernate implementation of JPA, automatic updates using equinox p2 provisional API and print/report generation using jasper reports. Melbourne, Australia |

Oct 2007 - Jun 2008

Part-time - Webdeveloper At, I improved/expanded the current webapplication and re-factored the code. I also created a brand new back-end system and improved the front-end by giving it a new look and feel. I also improved the website's SEO. Rosmalen |

Jan 2007 - Sep 2007

Part-time - PHP Developer After my internship ended I was asked to stay as part-time employee. Goomla became partner of the year of In October 2007 Goomla was sold to Daisycon. Eindhoven

Aug 2006 - Jan 2007

Internship - PHP Developer I did my first internship at a company named Goomla. There I learned to apply my knowledge of PHP. Goomla was a shopping/comparison-site, with more than 100 affiliates including, wehkamp, neckermann, to name a few. Eindhoven


“Coding skill is just one small part of writing correct programs. The majority of the task is problem definition, algorithm design and data structure selection.”
- Jon Bentley, Programming Pearls


  • Software Design
  • System Building
  • Integration Patterns
  • Relational Databases
  • Test Automation
  • Build Engineering
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Code reviews
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Service Oriented Architectures
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization Systems
  • High Reliability
  • Multithreading
  • Scripting
  • Rich-client Applications


  • Italian (Mother-tongue)
  • English (fluent)


  • Java
  • JPA
  • JAXB
  • Spring
  • Maven
  • Nexus
  • Jenkins
  • Sonar
  • Gerrit
  • Eclipse / RCP
  • Mylyn
  • Mysql
  • Postgresql
  • Apache CouchDB
  • Sqlite / Apache Derby
  • Linux
  • Bash
  • Git
  • Subversion / CVS
  • Chef - Ruby
  • Openstack
  • XEN
  • VMWare ESX / vCentre
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache ActiveMQ
  • PHP
  • perl
  • XML / XPath / XSLT
  • JavaScript
  • Selenium / WebDriver


“Always strive to write simple, clear, and correct programs. It is penny wise and pound foolish to do otherwise. Style does matter. It pays real dividends in terms of correctness, usability, robustness, and maintainability.”
- Joshua Bloch, Effective Java




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“Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.”
- Edsger W. Dijkstra, On the nature of Computing Science.

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